Wooden Roofing
Spectrum Systems stocks both Western Red Cedar roofing from Canada and Wallaba Shingles from Guyana, all premium grade stocks and the best quality available. In Cedar, we stock untreated, CCA treated, and fire retardant (Class C) treated shingles. We also stock tapersawn and handsplit shakes. In Wallaba, we stock premium grade shingles.​
  • Widest selection of Cedar Shingles and Shakes available in Jamaica
  • Untreated, CCA treated, and Class C Fire Retardant treated shingles
  • Untreated and CCA treated Tapersawn and rustic handsplit Shakes
  • All genuine Certi labelled products, #1 Grade
  • Largest inventories in Jamaica by far!

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Painted Metal Roof Tiles

Spectrum stocks two types of painted metal tiles to satisfy demand at two segments of the market.

At the lowest price level we offer imported tiles manufactured by our Chinese supplier that provide the most economical option for customers who need the lowest possible prices for a reasonable quality tile, made from 28 gauge steel and coated with a Polyester paint.

At a higher price level we offer locally produced tiles that are made from thicker 26 gauge AZ150 steel coated with a superior quality PVDF paint that will resist fading for longer.

  • Two standards of quality at two price levels.
  • 28 gauge Polyester painted tiles at unbeatable prices, offering reasonable quality and performance.
  • 26 gauge PVDF painted tiles at higher but affordable prices, offering superior quality and performance, including resistance to fading.
  • Attractive selection of colours and profiles.
  • Largest inventories available!