Standing Seam
Standing Seam Roofing features vertically aligned roofing panels roll-formed from Aluminium or Galvalume coils of various widths, yielding panels typically 12-24 inches in width, with seams that stand up from the plane of water flow making them extremely waterproof. The fasteners are concealed within the seams thereby eliminating the possibility of leakage at these points. The seams are snap locked or mechanically closed and are both extremely durable and hurricane resistant. Each panel runs from the lower eave up to the higher ridge or hip/valley of the roof planes, thereby eliminating overlaps and potential leakage. The metal is factory coated with high performance coatings in various colours to enhance aesthetic appeal, or is unpainted to yield a silver finish. The end result is a high performance metal roof with clean, modern lines and a range of profiles, rib designs and colours to enhance almost any architectural style!
Spectrum operates the largest and most technologically advanced production facility in Jamaica. With greater production capacity, larger inventories of raw materials in Aluminum and Galvalume, and more colours to choose from, we are the leading supplier of standing seam roofing on the island.

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The STANDING SEAM Advantage:

  • Clean lines, modern look
  • Enhances architectural styling
  • Residential and commercial applications
  • Hurricane resistant
  • Concealed fasteners
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Exceptional weatherproofing integrity!

The SPECTRUM Advantage:

  • Four profiles offered – 2 Snap Lock, 2 Mechanically seamed
  • Four rib designs, your choice!
  • Available in Aluminium for increased corrosion resistance
  • Available in Galvalume for increased economy
  • Multiple colours in stock!
  • Largest inventories for immediate delivery!