Roofing Insulation
Spectrum stocks four types of roof insulation for various applications. Rigid Polyisocyanurate Insulation, BAT Fiberglass Insulation, the Thermabar 314 radiant heat reflector, and various liquid coatings. These various options provide the building owner with numerous possible solutions for insulation within the building envelope, and at its surface.
Rigid Polyisocyanurate Insulation improves the energy efficiency of roofs and other structures, thereby reducing energy costs while maintaining compatibility with all types of roofing systems and fire assemblies.
Spectrum stocks BAT Fiberglass insulation for applications within the building envelope. Typical applications include ceiling insulation (above suspended ceilings), and wall insulation (drywall, between the studs). Our BAT insulation is faced with KRAFT paper on one side for ease of handling and to form a barrier where necessary.
  • Widest range of insulation options
  • Internal and external applications
  • Largest inventories by far!

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