Rainwater Gutters
Further to our mission of providing our customers with the widest range of roofing products available in Jamaica, Spectrum Systems now manufactures rainwater gutters in a choice of 5 or 6 inches width, and a choice of various colours in Aluminium. We also stock the most comprehensive array of accessories and fittings to achieve upmarket installations with a superior, custom made finish. The superior look, fit and finish of our own branded line of “Rainchute Gutters” is immediately evident and will enhance the aesthetic appeal of any structure. This additional offering further cements our known commitment to quality.
Using the most technologically advanced production machines, Spectrum can manufacture custom orders to minimise the number of leak prone joints in the gutter assembly giving your building a custom fitted and leak free gutter system. We will also manufacture stock lengths in both 5 and 6 inch widths for repairs and non custom installations where appropriate. Combined with our considerable inventories of gutter coils, fittings and accessories, Spectrum will be your most reliable source for rainwater gutters in Jamaica.

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